About Rynoz Rub

Rynoz Rub was inspired by tasting many different foods from around the world. Throughout my travels to over 40 countries including: England, Columbia, Peru, Thailand, Australia, Afghanistan, Germany, India, Mexico, France, Israel, Egypt, Kenya and Morocco, I was intrigued with how the flavors and methods of cooking varied by each country and region.

Growing up in a small town in Northern New Jersey, I often watched my mom cook and I came to appreciate and admire the amount of dedication she put into creating every meal. I have particularly been impressed with the strong, positive impact that good tasting food has on people. I have since gained experience cooking a myriad of meals and experimented with many countries’ common seasonings and spices. I’ve combined my passion for cooking, American Made products, and world-wide flavors to give you a little something extra to enjoy with your family and friends…

James "Ryno" Rhinesmith

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